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Metalbestos chimney installation guide

metalbestos chimney installation guide duravent. Stainless steel chimney liners are U. - ExcelDirect Vent Bernard Dalsin Manufacturing, Inc. Their BuildZoom score of 99 ranks in the top 15% of 139,240 Massachusetts licensed contractors. (minimum) high, or a metal chimney, such as the trade name Metalbestos, 9” diameter inside and 15 ft. Warranty document for AmeriVent chimney and vent products. Part # Description 1 6DS-VK Connector Kit 1 6TMH Shield/Support 1 6TAF-6 Flashing 1 6T-36 Chimney Length 1 6T-18 Chimney Length 1 6T-CT Rain Cap Aug 04, 2011 · Metalbestos Chimney Systems S-3 – Home Page Of Yaun Company … Failure to follow the installation instructions could cause FIRE, CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING, OR DEATH. on October 15, 2020 Most Helpful Answer - adhere to all clearances specified in the installation instructions of this stove. Selkirk Metalbestos Model DS 8. Masonry Chimney If using a masonry chimney, it must meet the minimum standards of the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) Standard 211. Use whenever there is a need to stabilize the chimney above the roof level Should be used if chimney exceeds 5' above the roof How to Install a Metal Chimney Kit : 3 Steps - Instructables. The chimney pipe and fittings must be assembled with locking bands or stainless sheet metal screws, maximum length of 1/2” (12. Make a sketch locating the chimney within the perimeter. Dec 17, 2010 · Installing an insulated metal chimney in a flat or cathedral ceiling Note: Wood stove must be installed no closer to the wall than specified on the name plate, and in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Continue going up through the house and cutting holes for the chimney. Place these strips just inside the cutout edges (Fig. Sheet GS is packaged with Supports. Cut a hole in the center of the sheet metal with the tin snips the diameter of the stovepipe opening. Weeks later, with parts in hand, it was time to make permanent repair of the chimney. Hart & Cooley, LLC. EXCEL’s unique thermoplus insulation has an extremely high insulating value that helps to keep flue gasses hot. Submitted by: Will M. 6/12 to 9/12 2 ft. This Mendota Fireplace can be vented using AMERIVENT, DURAVENT, SELKIRK METALBESTOS, SECURITY CHIMNEY brands of coaxial pipe off the top or using 5”x8” coaxial pipe off the rear. Call: 802-952-9606, get directions to Reading, VT, 05062, company website, reviews, ratings, and more! Sep 09, 2015 · Type B Gas Vent Systems Edition 7 - Hart And Cooley. Ideal for to use with natural draft home heating systems that burn wood, natural gas, lp gas, and #2 oil. Compatible chimney systems: In CANADA: Security Pro-Jet Selkirk Industrial Chimney Energy Vent - All parts 6" S2100 H. Selkirk Strom Collar is designed to maintain a weather tight resistant seal between the pipe and the flashing. Chimneys are typically vertical, or as near as possible to vertical, to ensure that the gases flow smoothly, drawing air into the combustion in what is known as the stack, or chimney effect. T. selkirkinc. The size of the square holes you need to Step 3. When installing a DuraTech chimney you must always allow a minimum of 2-inch clearance between the chimney and any combustible materials. We make our stainless liners and components in-house from the best alloys of stainless steel. Type B Round Gas Vent Pipe & Fittings Double-Wall Flexible Gas Vent Segment - DFC Diameter Model Number Length 3" 3SFC12 12" 3SFC24 24" connecting Type BW vent to a wall furnace outlet The firestop spacers center vent in 16" O . We fulfill our mandate by providing reliable information, by conducting research into wood heating-related issues and by representing the public interest in discussions of policies that affect woodburning. Chimney Liner Depot is the number one online wholesaler of flexible and rigid liners liners. , PIC products feature a rigid 304 or 316 stainless steel flue and optional casing materials to ensure maximum performance and reliability. Clearance is defined as the space allowed between two objects. The Mar 13, 2015 · 211. 2. Venting Systems Inc. MINIMUM CLEARANCE Where installed within buildings, the Metalbestos Chimney System may be 14801 Quorum Drive Dallas, Texas 75240 1-800-992-VENT (8368) SELKIRK, LLC Sheet GS Installation Instructions DuraTech chimney installation instructions and parts. 20% off. 4. All Metalbestos Chimney Systems flashings have adequate interior space for a Roof Support (RSP). Selkirk chimney pipe kits are for wood, gas & oil applications. If you are installing a chimney with Flashing and Storm Collar, follow these steps: 1. Support all offsets with an offset support and adequate strapping. Secure flashing and seal as required. com, under support > literature. Bend up the sides of the metal piece and make a flange on each side. The chimney must be inspected for cracks, loose mortar, or any other signs of deterioration. The square ceilling support box kit supports the chimney installation and provides a transition from the stove pipe to the chimney. Installation: Once the chimney system is in place, install the stovepipe to connect the appliance to the chimney as described in the appliance manufacturer’s instructions. The welcome book, fiction, history, novel, scientific SECURITY model DP connector with SECURITY model ASHT or S2100 chimney SELKIRK METALBESTOS model DS connector with model SSII chimney Standard Masonry Chimney with any one of the above listed connectors NOTE: Reduced clearance connectors may not connect to the flue collar – an appliance adapter may be required. For instructions and specifications for venting off the rear, Apr 24, 2006 · exit of the sewer line from the house precludes the installation of a concrete pad required for a conventional block or brick chimney. Then select a width, which will match the length of the horizontal A chimney is a structure that provides ventilation for hot flue gases or smoke from a boiler, stove, furnace or fireplace to the outside atmosphere. Insert Metalbestos Chimney Systems (USA Only - See separate instructions for Canada) GS Installation Instructions Covering - General Installation Instructions & Owner’s Maintenance Guide Sheet A MAJOR CAUSE OF CHIMNEY-RELATED FIRES IS FAILURE TO MAINTAIN REQUIRED CLEARANCES (AIR SPACES) TO COMBUSTIBLE MATERIALS. The lightweight design makes installing easy. Maintain 2-inch clearance to combustibles where the chimney passes through the roof. Also think about what you want to use it for. Industrial Chimney Model Excel Ultra-Black 4. Be sure to maintain all required clearances. The finish support package has a square trim plate. a. Typical Masonry Chimney Conversion INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS FOR CONVERTING A MASONRY CHIMNEY Important: The existing masonry flue opening needs to have an area of at least a 35-sqr-in. Place over the framed opening and secure using nails. UL 2112 Page 1 F I R E P L A C E M o d e l 6 4 0 / ZC40 Installation Instructions & User's Guide LISTED TO ULC S610-M87 & UL127(May 2001) ® Selkirk Canadian Operations 375 Green Road 1400 California Avenue Stoney Creek, Ontario. Confirm installation procedures with your dealer or the manufacturer of the chimney system you have purchased. 3). selkirk canadian operations basic instruction guidelines for fireplace and chimney installation wood pad or platform sheet metal sealer, 2012-09-14В В· Wood Stove Chimney Pipe Installation explained installation of Fireplace and Wood Burning stove How-To Install a Wood Burning Stove - …. Brick Products Services. The chimney must have at least a 5/8" fire clay liner or a listed chimney liner system. 877. Made in USA with stainless steel. Direct vent lengths feature a fully unitized, twist-lock construction. selkirk metalbestos security oliver macleod ryder gsw model model model model pro - "e" super vent vent pipe 6 model sentinel cf-3 model s - 2100 model ht - 3000 model commander 5000 model super chimney 21 use only the following chimney and mobile home kit in u. Aug 06, 2007 · The area around the pipe will be an air/heat leak, I guess. Excel Adjustable Flashing. you are unsure of Installation requirements, call the SELKIRK CHIMNEY SYSTEMS-MODELS, PART NAMES AND NUMBERS Selkirk Chimney Systems (SCS) consist of the following Models - UT (Ultra Temp), ST (Sure Temp), GT (Galva Temp), SG Plus and SSII. Flues: Connect only one solid fuel appliance per chimney. Through-the-ceiling — For venting systems that run vertically through a ceiling, you must have a ceiling support box or round ceiling support piece to use as your transition point from the stove pipe to the How To Permanently Repair A Metalbestos Chimney. Acorn 3000 indoor fireplace pdf manual download. 17/12 to 21/12 8 ft 10/12 to 12/12 4 ft. tested and listed, and if properly installed and maintained are extremely safe and durable. The lengths simply thread together for fast assembly. Ceiling Height 57 3/4" (1442 mm) Minimum 48" (1219 mm) * 4" diameter air inlet with rodent screen * If the crawl space is well ventilated it is not necessary to extend air inlet to outside TN19 270412-20 Chimney Approved Through Wall Installation Chimney Connector Non-combustible floor protector Hooded vent or 90 elbow turned down 9 Through Find all the information for Chimney Guy on MerchantCircle. Boiler Breechings and Stack: Boiler Breechings: Securely support breeching from ceiling construction with 1 1/2-inch by 1 1/2-inch by 1/8-inch angle iron on 6-foot centers. 02 POSITIVE PRESSURE CHIMNEY AND MANIFOLD SYSTEM A. The appliance's flue gases must not exceed 570° F (298. The salt in this wood may cause product failure. - do not connect this stove to a chimney system that is connected to another appliance. (6') Above the Roof Connector Pipe or Selkirk Model DSP Decorative Adapter 10 Best Chimney Pipes of November 2021. Chimney Installation Guide Prepare to install the chimney support bucket by temporarily screwing two wooden strips along opposite sides of the opening. SE Grand Rapids, MI 49512. A chimney is a structure that provides ventilation for hot flue gases or smoke from a boiler, and the use of non-structural gas vent pipe allows a flue gas conduit to be installed around obstructions and through walls. Call: 802-952-9606, get directions to Reading, VT, 05062, company website, reviews, ratings, and more! The original and best source for chimney liners, flue caps & more. Selkirk Metalbestos 6UT-36 Ultra-Temp Type Ht Insulated Chimney Pipe, 6 In X 36 In, Stainless Steel, 6" x 36". Hart & Cooley Portal Brand Step 4. C . May 29, 2020 · It is best practice to install a minimum size of 150mm if you can to ensure it’s safe to use, regardless of the type of fuel to be used. 393. (minimum) high. 5030 Corporate Exchange Blvd. VENT (8368) • Fax Orders Toll Free 1. stud space and serve Document Viewer. Look again at the parts. Metal Fab Model DW 2. Mar 9, 2015 - Shop Selkirk Metalbestos Class A insulated chimney pipe, known as double wall chimney pipe. Measure the top of the trimmed box, taking dimensions carefully. Note the actual chimney diameter; the chimney hole diameter should be 1/4 inch larger than the pipe. DuraTech chimney installation instructions and parts. In the 11 months between inspections a lot can happen. P (800) 433-6341 Map. The original and best source for chimney liners, flue caps & more. Click the image for larger image size and more details. We additionally have the funds for variant types and after that type of the books to browse. Watch How to install chimney pipe through a Flat Ceiling. A flexible stainless steel chimney liner kit is suitable for wood burning, gas, or oil applications. Finish roofing around chimney , covering the side and upper areas of FIG. It is best to have the chimney inspected by a professional. to insure proper intake / exhaust flow. L. Apr 01, 2010 · Step 4 – Install the Chimney Pipe. 2 CHIMNEY FLASHING & BRACING. BRACING REQUIREMENTS WHEN USING ROUND … Retrieve Here LISTED CHIMNEY AND CHIMNEY CONNECTOR A. Due to the high risks, it is important to have your chimney inspected by a CSIA certified chimney specialist at least once a year and pay attention for signs that your home might have had a chimney fire. VP Pellet Pipe is used for venting pellet or corn burning stoves approved for use with PL-Vent. g. 3000 Sentinal CF Excel 2100 Commander 5000 Get Free Chimney Installation Guide Chimney Installation Guide Right here, we have countless books chimney installation guide and collections to check out. If you The Metalbestos Chimney System is not recommended if you are burning ocean driftwood. S. Finish the chimney to its desired height. IT IS OF THE UTMOST METALBESTOS CHIMNEY SYSTEMS-MODELS, PART NAMES AND NUMBERS CHIMNEY PARTS GUIDE The following section offers pictorial references, specifications and a brief description of major components to aid in the design of an Ultra-Temp - Type HT, Galva-Temp - Type HT, Ultra-Temp and Galva-Temp Chimney System. Installation by a qualified technician is strongly advised since improper installation is a severe safety hazard! Jan 27, 2017 · Chimney - Wikipedia. Armstrong Chimney Company Inc, 24 Great Barrington Rd, West Stockbridge, MA (Owned by: Kevin Armstrong) holds a Home Improvement Contractor license according to the Massachusetts license board. In areas with continuous temperatures below −18 C (0 F), the use of an exterior chimney increases the likelihood of operating problems such as low draft, high rate of creosoting, and poor start-up characteristics. Keep these installation and operating instructions in a safe location for future reference. Showing 1 to 25 of 46 entries. Combustible materials include but are not limited to lumber, plywood, and sheet rock. Then, from above, lower the bucket in place and let it rest The chimney should be the size recommended by the appliance manufacturer. Oliver MacLeod Model PV 6. Inspectapedia. See figures 10, 11, and 12 for situations which can cause poor draft conditions. DIY videos, articles, a helpful staff & free shipping! . • Before relining a chimney, it should be cleaned and inspected, by a certified chimney sweep, to verify the integrity of the mortar and masonry. Selkirk Metalbestos Metal-Fab, Inc. Acces PDF Chimney Installation Guide explains the situation in more detail. Manufacturers: 1. Insulated Lengths 1. E12A/R18A — Type B Gas Vent Adjustable Length. FEATURED COMMERCIAL PRODUCT. View and Download Selkirk Acorn 3000 owner's manual online. Amerivent Inc. Measure a square that is 6 1/4 inches larger than the diameter of the chimney pipe and cut it out with a bi-metal hole saw. Below are 20 best pictures collection of Prefab Chimney photo in high resolution. Prefabricated Metal Chimneys Long Island. com DA: 17 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: 67. A ceiling support has the cieling trim but also a shield that is a larger diameter than the pipe and stands 6-8" up into the insulation space of a typical flat cieling. Bvent Installation Instructions - Oval & Round. SELKIRK METALBESTOS Model SENTINEL CF-3 All clearances to combustible framing and venting connection must be in compliance with the chimney manufacturers installation instructions or as noted in these instructions. Step 2. Attach a single adapter to the pipe’s female end and then attach a flush to the other end of the adapter. do not install a flue damper in the exhaust system of unit. Then, from above, lower the bucket in place and let it rest on the strips. This stove must be connected to (1) a chimney complying with the requirements for Type HT chimneys in the Standard for Chimneys, Factory-Built, Residential Type and Oct 28, 2019 · When I installed the Metalbestos chimney pipe in my house and garage, there were detailed instruction in each box of pipe, and parts. The Secure Seal flue is manufactured from AL29-4C, a super-ferritic stainless steel designed for extreme resistance to chloride ion pitting, crevice corrosion and stress corrosion cracking, as well as general corrosion in oxidizing and moderately reducing environments. Locking bands must be used on all exterior joints. Separate, 3 MetalBestos S3 Chimney Installation Instructions. Enamelled steel pipes are used to connect the stove to the chimney system and as these will become hot in use, they must be positioned at least three times the diameter of the flue away from combustible DuraVent Direct Vent Pro - ECCO Supply. This pipe is usually manufactured by the same companies which produce Class A double wall chimney (Metalbestos, Excel, Duravent, etc. 1. The 6T-CT from Selkirk’s Metalbestos series is a downright winner when it comes to making high quality innovative chimney caps. manufacturer double wall connector pipe high temperature pipe selkirk metalbestos This appliance is approved for installation using 6 5/8” X 4” direct vent pipe and components from the following manufacturers: M & G Dura-Vent ProSeries Security Vent, Ltd. . If possible, install an interior chimney as it will provide better performance. ). air-insulated pipe often known by its genericized trade name Metalbestos. Trip-L-Wall. Each installation calls for different components, depending on the transition point between the stove pipe and Class A chimney pipe. Aluminum Chimney Liner. As with any project, the initial step is in the planning. • DuraLiner is approved for 0” clearance between the liner and WHEN VERTICALLY TERMINATING, THE MINIMUM CHIMNEY HEIGHT ABOVE THE ROOF LINE IS DETERMINED BY THE FOLLOWING CHART: Roof Pitch Minimum Chimney Height Roof Pitch Minimum Chimney Height Flat to 6/12 1 ft. 992. 1 INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS Section A General Information UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES LISTINGS: Selkirk Metalbestos air insulated Model PS and fiber insulated Model IPS venting systems are Listed by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. Creosote won’t condense in a hot flue. Drainage Provisions: Install breeching and chimney with positive slope back to appliance, with suitable means for drainage of condensate. So, were thinking about a metalbestos chimney because it doesn't require a concrete pad. Installation* METALBESTOS SSII Qty. 6 m) of chimney, of which 10 feet (3. How to Install a Metal Chimney Kit : 3 Steps - Instructables Online Library Chimney Installation Guide Duratech Chimney Pipe Installation Guide - eFireplaceStore. INSTALLATION PLANNING GUIDE TIMELESS NORWEGIAN CRAFT GAS • Selkirk Metalbestos prefabricated chimney. com Make the opening for the finished ceiling support of the chimney on either a joist opening or finished ceiling. Metalbestos chimney must be installed with a minimum 2” clearance to combustibles. • UL 103HT listed in 6" & 8" metalbestos chimney • 304 Stainless Steel inner liner wall • Locking bands included Dec 09, 2016 · EXCEL is the only 1 inch wall insulated chimney to pass the ULC standard. 8-1/2" pipe adds 3" – 7" of length, 16" pipe adds 3" – 14-1/2" of length, when used with rigid sections of pipe. CHIMNEY INSTALLATION 1. With proper framing, all ceiling supports assure at least 2" minimum clearance to combustibles at the support level and can carry up to 50' of vertical chimney height. We offer the best prices on quality stainless steel liners. Push the screwdriver in the center of the metal pan to start the hole, then use the tin snips to cut out the hole. Metal chimney liners, usually stainless chimney liners, are primarily used to upgrade and repair existing chimneys. SELKIRK is the most trusted name in insulted venting products. If THESE INSTRUCTIONS. 3. Selkirk Metalbestos Model PS. Daveb1 also had a good idea about making a dam to keep insulation from being in contact with the pipe. Simpson Dura-Vent Model DVL B. 1 m) can be suspended below the box. INSTALLATION INSTRUCTIONS This adapter is used on Selkirk Metalbestos™ and other Install a flashing cover over chimney. You can also get instructions on-line for the brand you are going to use. Their license was verified as active when we last checked. IT IS OF UTMOST IMPORTANCE THAT THIS CHIMNEY BE INSTALLED ONLY IN ACCORDANCE WITH THESE INSTRUCTIONS. Van-Packer 5. INSTALLATION The Regency F2402M and S2402M Freestanding pedestal units are approved for installation in a Mobile Home if one of the following pipe systems is used. (UL) under UL Jun 19, 2018 · Installation Instructions for Roof Supported MODEL CF CHIMNEY WITH A CATHEDRAL CEILING (4. Find all the information for Chimney Guy on MerchantCircle. Pressure Industrial Chimney Double Wall Pressure Chimney - 1" Air Space UL tested and listed for positive pressures up to 60" w. MetalBestos chimney would only be compatible with MetalBestos chimney, but the OD of the chimney in question is 11". Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and Pressure Industrial Chimney Double Wall Pressure Chimney - 1" Air Space UL tested and listed for positive pressures up to 60" w. Clearances referred to throughout this manual are the minimum requirements. RULES FOR SAFETY DURING INSTALLATION: CHIMNEY SIZING: How to Install a Metalbestos Chimney Pipe Step 1. Jan 13, 2015 · Metalbestos Chimney Systems S-3 14801 QuorumDrive Dallas, Texas 75240 1-800-992-VENT (8368) www. Ampco 2. Contact local building or fire officials about restrictions and installation inspection requirements in your area. 70mm) on all interior joints. • Installation instructions can be viewed online at www. Selkirk Metalbestos 6T-RBK 6-Inch Stainless Steel Roof Brace Kit. Ultra-temp chimney pipe, type HT, insulated, 6 in nominal, 8 in outside diameter, 36 in length, 1 in thickness, 1000 deg F, stainless steel, UL listed. Ameri-Tec Model DBSP 3. The product is specifically produced for the manufacturer’s highly praised “Class A” wall chimney pipes made from 430-grade stainless-steel, which uses a UL-listed multi-fuel system. DIY videos, articles, a helpful staff & free shipping! Metalbestos Chimney Systems S-3 – Yaun Co Failure to follow the installation instructions could cause FIRE, CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING Plate (PCP) or a fitted metal plate. Compatible chimney systems: fire, follow the installation instructions. s. See Sheet S-4 for Roof Support details. 800. 13/12 to 16/12 6 ft. EAL/RAL — Adjustable 90° Elbow. Insert Prefab Fireplace Help Needed Options. Feb 09, 2012 · gina D'Avignon: "Hello all this is my first time asking a question, " - metalbestos chimney pipe boots (2/9/2012) within the Installation discussion of the residential metal roofing forum The metal pipe parts are tested and certified to the UL 2100 degree standards. The insulated stainless steel pipes are great for most fuel types. Chimney Pipes. Download Ebook Chimney Installation Guide Duratech Chimney Pipe Installation Guide - eFireplaceStore. com SELKIRK, LLC Metalbestos Chimney Systems (USA Only - See separate instructions for Metalbestos Chimney Systems flashings are provided with Place the Flashing suitable for the roof pitch over the chimney pipe Dec 10, 2009 · Step 1 - Design and Plan. Once again, your stove manual, label or local professional is the best source of the exact specifications for your particular stove model. Use only ICC model EXCELDirect® components. Install the pipe through the opening and ICC Excel pipes can withstand chimney fires for 10 minutes up to three times, because of the pipe's lightweight thin material they heat quickly while keeping creosote from forming inside the flue. DSP6VK, 6", Smoke/Stove Pipe Vertical Installation Kit, Includes Telescoping Length 38" - 68", Chimney Pipe Adapter With Finishing Sleeve & Universal Chimney Pipe Adapter, Matte Black Steel Outer Casing, Stainless Steel Inner Lining. When insulation is lofted deeper, you need to use metal chimney system. - this stove uses a positive pressure venting system. The chimney must have at least a 5/8" fi re clay liner or a listed chimney liner system. Make the opening for the finished ceiling support of the chimney on either a joist opening or finished ceiling. Use only ICC Model EXCEL components. This low thermal mass enables it to heat up Jul 23, 2016 · 2. The Metalbestos system we used the Model SSII Type HT features double-wall insulated stainless steel pipe thats available with inside diameters of 6 7 and 8 in. 4145 Note: All insulated pipe MetalBest Chimney Systems Installation Instructions Covering - Adjustable Length Read Sheet GS for important clearance and safety precautions before installing any of the parts described by this sheet. Olympia Chimney Supply, Inc. Selkirk Metalbestos. 6" Class A Chimney Pipe Square Ceiling Support from Sure-Temp. (UL) under UL Jun 27, 2011 · Read “Fireplace Install For Hearth Mount Stove (#8570H) with 4-inch Legs” (page 11) only if you are installing a Hearth Mount stove with 4” legs into a fireplace, with or without a Jun 19, 2018 · Installation Instructions for Roof Supported MODEL CF CHIMNEY WITH A CATHEDRAL CEILING (4. Roof support The roof support is used for A-frame and cathedral ceiling homes as an alternative to a ceiling support box. Double-wall connector systems: 1. PIPE (cont'd) EXTENSION Use to add length to a straight length of DirectVent Pro. Security Model DP or DC 5. Exit cone with drain section incorporated into riser. Piffin | Aug 06, 2007 12:56am | #3. ! WARNING Failure to follow the instructions could cause FIRE, CARBON MONOXIDE POISONING, OR DEATH. Brockville, Ontario. See installation instructions for complete details. It has been specifically designed for today's modern high efficiency wood stoves, wood burning heaters, and for combination fuels in central heating systems. All Metalbestos Chimney Systems flashings have adequate interior space for a Roof FIG. Round chimney top designed to exclude 98 percent of rainfall. Metalbestos chimney pipe has well thought out parts, accessories, and components to make installation possible in most situations. Ryder Model "E" Vent 7. Failure to do so will void the certification and warranty of the product. The new chimney also has to be inexpensive-excavation, concrete pad and insulating the surrounding ground with buried Apr 01, 2001 · Install the siding, and then cover the 1x2 furring at the top with a 1x3 or 1x4 piece of finish trim all around the box. Brand Resources. EXCEL is the lightest weight insulated chimney of its kind on the market. 80° C). Make certain the chimney is cleaned prior to installation of this fi replace. We can make any custom chimney part you may need. Metalbestos Chimney Systems (USA Only - See separate instructions for Canada) S-3 Installation Instructions Covering - Round Top, Flashing, Storm Collar, Spark Arrester, Roof Brace Kit Read Sheet GS for important clearance and safety precautions before installing any of the parts described by this Sheet The chimney should be masonry, with tile lining, sized 8 X 8 X 15 ft. EXCELDirect® has been tested and listed to the following: . U. Wood stove chimney planner Fireplace Center. Metal Fab 3. The Wood Heat Organization was formed to support the public in the responsible use of wood energy in the home. Slide a trim sleeve joint cover over the pipe that will ultimately go into the house through the support. Calculate the ideal height, which will establish your vertical side boards. Termination Cap Top Adapter Flashing 4” Flex Liner Retro Connector Step 1. ICC, Inc. E45/R45 — 45° Elbow. Consider the size of the space where you will place the chimney cabinet. By using the same roof cement last year to stop a leak, the job was made easier because it is the type that remains pliable. The Sure-Temp Chimney System is designed to meet the needs of 3'' Selkirk VP Pellet Vent Pipe Storm Collar - 3VP-SC. A stainless steel chimney liner or kit can also be ordered through efm read the appliance and vent system installation instructions. metalbestos chimney installation guide

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